Whose Box Is This? Posted on 29 Jan 11:41

Here at TLC Performance, we occasionally play the Guessing Game "Whose Box Is This?"
How NOT to send a part to TLC Performance
"Whose box is this?" is asked when a box arrives with no note or relevant return address (the local UPS store is not helpful).
If the owner is known, we still wonder:
  • What vehicle?
  • Is this a daily driver?
  • How modified is it?
How to ship Parts to TLC Performance:
Pack in a large rigid box with several inches of cushioning material on all sides. If sending greasy or gassy parts, double bag in plastic.
Enclose a Note in box including the following:
  • Owner's Name
  • Contact data: Email, phone(s), pager, psychic hotline....
  • Return shipping address (home, work, shop repairing vehicle)
  • Vehicle year & model
  • Model/year of engine if not original
  • Emissions requirements
  • Use (daily on highway, weekend rock climb... interesting usage- cattle rancher, tiger rescue...)
  • Bonus points for photo(s) of vehicle - We like to see customer's vehicles!
Or email all of the above to TLC Performance via fj40jim@gmail.com with subject "Your Name Carb / Dizzy / Parts - Ship Date via USPS / UPS")
Ship to:
TLC Performance
889 Layne Dr NE
Lancaster, OH 43130
Happy Chinese New Year, Valentine's, Mardis Gras... from TLC Performance!