A Year Without Four-wheeling Posted on 13 Dec 22:37

2020 has been unprecedented for a multitude of reasons, but for TLC Performance it has been a year without 4-wheeling, racing or ProRally. Humor kept us sane, thus thankfully March 2020 will be remembered for the plethora of TP jokes amidst the rona lockdowns.

In the interest of flattening the curve and not overwhelming our health system we have stayed home or in the shop. There has been no 4-wheeling, endurance racing, travel, dancing, concerts, cinema,... which has left time for overdue shop building repairs and other major projects.
The last time we traveled was December 2019. We raced to complete year end work in the shop in hopes of getting to Florida to view two rocket launches. We managed to arrive in Titusville to view one daytime launch. Prior to Boeing launch of Astronauts Snoopy & Rosie who were to expected to deliver Xmas gifts to ISS Astronauts, we toured Kennedy Space Center and got a backstage view of launch prep.  
Later that week we spent some time consulting on the Norbers' FJ40 and CruiserMatt stopped by to chat. As we travel, it's always great to visit with fellow Cruiserheads. We devoured delicious Double D tacos with Jackson at Gringos Locos. Combining incredible local cuisine & Cruiser Kibbitzing is one of our favorite travel activities. Looking forward to rona being less of a threat so we may resume 4-wheeling and traveling again. If we are in your area, we always enjoy meeting Cruiserheads IRL.
Without any road trips, 2020 has been an extremely busy year in the TLC Performance shop. Sales of the desmog parts featured on this site have remained steady, while many carbs & distributors were built, along with a few engines, transmissions, transfer cases and airlocking diffs. The shop '62 FJ45 was completed & sold in April 2020.  In Feb 2020 a rust free '91 FJ80 was acquired as a new shop/trail truck. Stay tuned, details to come.
We always try to donate to those in need of food & shelter, however this year we've donated significantly more than usual. If you've survived 2020 with a job, food, shelter and a Land Cruiser, we encourage you to tip generously & donate to help those struggling during these unpresidented times.
Merry Festivus from TLC Performance! Be kind, Wear a Mask and keep on Cruising!