Other Cruiser work done by TLC Performance Posted on 17 Feb 14:58

When people ask what TLC Performance does, the stock answer is "We make Cruisers run, steer and stop better than new." Out of that mission statement has grown a steady business optimizing the trickier parts of the venerable F series engines. The management system (carburetor & distributor) is the most common work done in the shop. Though we do not advertise, there is a steady workload of rebuilding and optimizing these components.

Derek just installed a freshly rebuilt TLC Performance carb on his perfect FJ60 and sent this nifty video as proof.

Whose Box Is This? Posted on 29 Jan 11:41

Here at TLC Performance, we occasionally play the Guessing Game "Whose Box Is This?"

A Year Without Four-wheeling Posted on 13 Dec 22:37

2020 has been unprecedented for a multitude of reasons, but for TLC Performance it has been a year without 4-wheeling, racing or ProRally.

New store is working well! Posted on 15 Jun 16:24

This new store has made it easier for customers to select products and pay for them. It has also made shipping orders & managing inventory easier on this end. Now that we are getting the hang of it, watch for the addition of 3FE desmog parts and some other mechanical bits for classic Land Cruisers in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to everybody for the initial support of this new sales avenue for TLC Performance!

A quick note: The TLC staff will be unavailable to ship orders next week, but normal shipment will resume the following Monday, 6/25/18. Thanks for your understanding.


First Post in the new TLC Performance store Posted on 1 Jan 18:59

This is the new TLC Performance webstore blog. We are selling specialty parts for classic Toyota Land Cruisers, like the FJ40, FJ55 and FJ60. Please let us know how we can improve the store, descriptions, photos or anything else.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look.